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This should be seen as separate to the monies you use to bankroll your living expenses.So, for the sake of simplicity, let's say half bet on tails, half on heads.Think of 1 as a good size for an average bet and 2 for a wager..
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How to catch lotto numbers

In fact, winning lottery cash could be so easy and reliable, its like having your own, personal, bottomless ATM. .
The complete list of play spades for money step by step all my math research pertaining to combinatorics and probability as applied to the lottery is available in the free lottery guide section.
The breakdown chart above could be counter intuitive as many people would look at it and think they should play 3/3 odd/even, low/high, hot-cold on every ticket to have a shot at winning in one third of all drawings.As the number of experiments increases, the actual ratio of outcomes will converge on the theoretical, or expected, ratio of outcomes. Any combination that us open tennis payout follows similar pattern appears only once in every 1046 draws. .To give each number two chances to be drawn we'd have to use the last 16 draws.Of course if we would have two of any number just go to the next most often paired, can't have two of the same numbers in a combination you know.At this point you will usually be reminded every combination has an equal chance of being drawn, so how can being part of one kind of wheel make them less likely than being part of another?The Florida game odds were raised from 16th may lottery 6/49's 1.9 million to 6/53's 1.9 million.In a typical 6/49 game before the first ball is drawn we know to expect the following breakdown off odd and even, low and high, with an approximate range of hotter to colder numbers to follow.Lets analyze the cold numbers then.Without looking try drawing a blue marble, what color would you expect to find in your hand?With this system we want to put most or all the numbers into play so run through what you have so far and see if any numbers are missing you wanted to use, make a list of these to be sure to work.Playing "Hot" numbers virtually guarantees you won't get the chance to win a lottery jackpot!So when I heard that a group of rogue mathematicians calling themselves the "Lotto Dragons" developed an incredible method that predicts lottery wins up to 89 of the time, I had to know more.In other words, well constructed combinations can contain 1 to 5 odd, even, low, high and 0 to 4 hot, average or cold numbers for a jackpot attempt.As the stock market guys would say in their ads, "Past results are not always an indicator of future performance." but it's all we have to work with.On scrap paper we list all the numbers in our game and using the history from the last 18 drawings we make a mark next to the numbers for each time they were drawn.
It states that if you repeat an experiment independently a large number of times and average the result, what you obtain should be close to the expected value.

The money could start flowing in just a few days.Hot Average Cold 20/3 24/2 09/1 Draw # 874 18/3 27/3 08/0 19/3 26/3 08/0 20/4 25/2 08/0 19/3 25/3 09/0 17/1 24/2 11/3 17/1 26/5 10/0 16/2 26/2 11/2 16/3 28/1 09/2 16/1 29/4 07/1 16/2 30/4 07/0 Draw # 884 07/17/02 14/2 31/3.1) certain numbers are "very likely" to appear.Respond within 5 days, and Ill also send you an extra free money making method, the Lotto Dragons "Quick Profits Lottery System".Introduction: Would you be surprised to learn your method of playing the lottery makes it virtually impossible to win?And the winning draw on 923 11/30/02 Sat was all from the checked and blank numbers a success!Dear Friend, Im writing you today because I believe youre a lot like I used.There is a big difference between an event being possible in every drawing and how often an event is likely to occur.It doesn't matter whether we wheel 12, 18 or 22 numbers, the odds of having all six winning numbers among them isn't very good and the odds of winning a jackpot when we do is slim to none.Nothing could be further from the truth!
YYY, YYN, YNY, NYY, YNN, NYN, NNY, NNN or 1 in 8 of the 1 draw in 3 this opportunity arises.
The odds of the three 3/3 groups hitting together are.

Then, we can use probability to determine the best, the good and the worst number combinations in the lottery. .
If you can hold a pencil and count to ten, you can be on your way to riches.