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Dos trios card game

dos trios card game

How to play a round, the first dealer is chosen at random.
Each player's total is his score for that hand, and is added to his previous cumulative score.The player with the fewest points at the end of the six rounds is the overall winner.An ace can count as high or low, but not both at once.This is the draw pile.The next card is placed face up on the table, to start the discard pile, and the remaining stock of undealt cards is placed face down beside.

The world poker fund holdings inc three cards do not need to be of different suits, so for example 9- 9- 9 is a valid Trio.In later play (that is after putting down the inital contract you may put down as many Jokers on a single escalera or trio as you want.Remember, in each turn he still must begin by drawing one new card from either pile and end his turn by discarding a card.The differences between Carioca and Central American Loba are described at the end of this page.When putting down the combination required for the round, the player may not put down any additional cards with them on this turn - the set must be exactly as determined by the round.A Trio is a set of three cards of the same value, in any suit.The other players receive a penalty based on adding up the point values of the cards left in their hands.

The contracts are: Round 1 - dos (two) trios (6 cards) Round 2 - un (one) escalera, un trio (7 cards) Round 3 - dos escaleras (8 cards) Round 4 - tres (three) trios (9 cards) Round 5 - dos trios un escalera (10 cards).
Terms, trio, three of a kind - that is, three cards of the same rank, such as three eights.