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Rotterdam has been investigating complaints since 2013 about oil fuel sold to ships, contaminated with waste oil products.
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Just like the guys who say Shell has been polluting for 70 years, and Isla "only" for.

An original way of thinking.Chata Chooses Color Of course the hotel association did so long ago.At the same time, they don't like Dutch politicians and civil servants at all.So I included one on that page, before sending the visitors.We can take it for granted that the Venezuelan part will shrink enormously this year.Back then, we got the blame because the culverts were clogged.
Clumsy 3 guys have been picked up, making their way to populated places from Bullenbaai, after arriving by boat from Venezuela.
We were promised more than two years ago that the problem would be solved in " two to three weeks that's Auntie Suzy for you!